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If you are only practicing Yoga as a physical exercise, you aren’t getting the full benefits of Yoga

Wherever you are in your Yoga journey, do you ever feel…

Unbalanced and disconnected in your body, mind, and energy?

Frustrated you are not evolving like you desire?

Bored with Yoga, like something is missing?

Stuck in your practice but long to learn more and go deeper?

What Makes Us Different?

There are a lot of Yoga teachers out there. Watch the video so you know confidently and clearly why you should choose APEX LIFE to support you on your journey to holistic health and growth in your Yoga and Qigong practices.


Your Whole Self Needs Care

Honor your body, energy, emotions, mind and spirit. Invest in your holistic health


Choose Your Course

Choose from our online courses or subscribe to our on-demand classes and lectures on Tantra, Yoga, breathwork, meditation and more.​


Show Up for Yourself

Once you choose your practice(s), dedicate intentional space in your schedule to get on your mat to move, breath and be present.


Experience the Depth of Yoga & Qigong

Transform your exercise-based Yoga practice into one that expands into mindful, energetic and spiritual dimensions.

Get Real Results with APEX LIFE Coaching

When you work with us, we’ll help you:

Meet Your Instructors

We’re Dalia and Jason. Between the two of us, we’re trained and certified in various styles of Yoga, Yoga therapy, Qigong, energy healing, psychology and more. We are a married couple who have committed our paths to helping people overcome challenges in their lives so they can fulfill their greatest potential. With over 40+ years of experience and education in holistic wellness practices and life coaching, we are here to help you break through your plateaus, reach your goals and achieve the life you desire.

Trained and Certified

Ο Hatha Yoga

Ο Vinyasa Yoga

Ο Yin Yoga

Ο Ashtanga Yoga

Ο Power Yoga

Ο Chakra Yoga

Ο Tantra Yoga

Ο Visceral Yoga For Women

Ο Pre/Post Natal Yoga

Ο Kids Yoga

Ο Yoga Therapy 

Ο Meditation

Ο Breathwork

Ο Qigong

Yoga Should Transform You Holistically

In body, energy, emotions, mind and spirit.

When you choose APEX LIFE to support your journey, you’ll:

Ο Practice Yoga asana, Qigong, meditation, pranayama

Ο Get exceptional instruction from master teachers

Ο Increase your energy

Ο Learn the science and philosophy of Yoga

Ο Reduce stress and anxiety

Ο Balance and empower your entire being

Ο Be able to practice anytime, anywhere, at your own pace

Ο Improve your overall health and well-being

Interested in Yoga Teacher Training?

We lead various YTT's across the world in partnership with different studios and programs. Reach out to learn more about upcoming YTT options, locations and dates.

Interested in a Customized Live Workshop?

We can put together a customized live workshop (Zoom or in-person, if location permits) that combines various teachings and practices to fit the learning goals of the participants. Reach out to discuss customized options with us further.

How We Can Help / Services

On-Demand Video Library

17 per month
  • 180+ videos (over 120 hours) of on-demand classes, lessons and workshops on Yoga and Qigong practices that are accessible to all levels – beginners to advanced yogis
  • Unique breathing practices that combine Yoga and Qigong techniques
  • A wide range of asana style classes from Yin to Vinyasa to full-power
  • Various meditation techniques for stress reduction, Self-realization, and more
  • Calming, guided relaxation sessions
  • Purification practices

Online Course

  • 5 video lectures of comprehensive teachings on the science of internal locks from Tantra Yoga for transforming body, energy, emotions, mind and spirit
  • Guided practices for each of the three primary bandhas: Jalandhara Bandha (throat lock), Uddiyana Bandha (abdominal lock) and Mula Bandha (root lock)
  • Guided practice of the powerful tantric technique, Maha Bandha (the "Great Lock") for purification, overall balance and experiencing higher states of consciousness

Super PowerBreath + Bandhas Online Workshop

  • 2.5 hours of teachings and breathing techniques from Yoga and Qigong
  • Scientific explanation of breath and breathing techniques
  • Guided practice of bandhas (internal locks) to maximize the potency of breathing techniques
  • Techniques for stress reduction and strengthening your immune system
  • Practices to activate and supercharge your energy and chakras
  • Techniques to guide energy through your physical body and subtle energy body
  • Guidance on how breathwork is the ideal preparation for meditation
  • Methods that increase mental focus and calm
  • Teachings on how to use breath to purify, heal, strengthen and balance your body, energy, emotions and mind

Flowing Into Stillness Workshop

  • 3 hours of video material
  • A lecture on the deeper, subtle energetic aspects of the Yoga asanas, pranayama, internal locks and the chakra system
  • 2-hour complete Yoga practice, incorporating incorporate a variety of practices that go beyond the physical body, into the subtle layers, to create a deep state of relaxation, emotional balance and mental calmness
  • Downloadable PDF

60-min Private
Online Yoga Session

  • Session via ZOOM
  • Recorded session provided, as desired
  • Book a unique, tailor-made class for your specific goals and needs with Dalia or Jason
  • Choose from:
    Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Visceral Yoga For Women, Pre/Post Natal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Breathwork, Qigong

90-min Private
Online Yoga Session

  • Session via ZOOM
  • Recorded session provided, as desired
  • Book a unique, tailor-made class for your specific goals and needs with Dalia or Jason
  • Choose from: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Visceral Yoga For Women, Pre/Post Natal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Breathwork, Qigong

90-MIN Private In-Person Yoga Session

  • Session at your place or ours
  • Recorded session provided, as desired
  • Book a unique, tailor-made class for your specific goals and needs with Dalia or Jason
  • Choose from: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Visceral Yoga For Women, Pre/Post Natal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Breathwork, Qigong

APEX TANTRA : Philosophy & Science

  • 14 on-demand lessons about the metaphysics (spiritual meaning) of Tantra
  • 4 hours of teachings on the role of energy in your life and how to heal, transform and transcend the limitations of the physical body
  • Powerful tools to experience union in the ultimate state of unconditional love


  • 4 on-demand lessons on the skills necessary for sexual mastery
  • Techniques to separate orgasm from ejaculation and extend pleasure
  • Teachings on how to become a masterful lover
  • Practices to boost your health and step into your full power


  • 6 on-demand lessons on methods for healing and sexual mastery for women
  • Teachings on how to purify, balance and heal your body, energy, emotions and mind
  • Techniques for accessing your full femininity and increasing pleasure
  • Ways to fulfill your energetic and orgasmic potential
  • Methods for utilizing your own sexual energy for self-healing to remove past traumas and blockages in the body, energy, emotions and mind
  • Guidance on the importance of pelvic floor exercises for accessing your full femininity and enhancing sexual pleasure for you and your partner
  • *Note: The course is taught by Jason due to his extensive training and knowledge in Tantric teachings; You can have complete confidence in this content which is in full alignment with Dalia’s perspective on female sexuality.


  • Introduction to the techniques of Tantric sexuality
  • 37 on-demand lessons on how to create deep intimacy in your partnership
  • Over 8 hours of teachings on Tantric relationships
  • Methods for amplifying sexual energy for pleasure and healing
  • Guidance on how to use sexual energy for transformation and reaching the deepest states of unconditional love

On-Demand Video Library

35 Per Month
  • 66+ videos (over 18 hours) of on-demand classes, lessons and workshops on Tantric sexuality for healing, balancing and transforming your body, energy, emotions, mind and relationships
  • Empower yourself to experience the most profound states of consciousness, alone and with your partner
  • New lessons regularly added to the extensive library of classes, lessons and workshops
  • Access to the complete APEX YOGA on-demand video library of practices and teachings on Tantric Yoga

Get a Free Yoga Demo

Get a taste of what our classes, workshops and teachings are like and enjoy a free demo practice with us. Watch the video to get an introduction to our Yoga instruction. If you enjoy your experience, simply choose from our various classes and workshops and grow in your practice.


  • We love this description of Yoga: “YOGA – means joining oneself firmly to a spiritual discipline – the central element of which – is the process of achieving integration and deeper connection to reality (including the reality of one’s own inner being) – primarily through the exercise of repeatedly bringing all the energy of body, mind and senses to a single point of tranquil focus.” – By Dr. Christopher Wallis


  • That being said, Yoga means different things to different people. The beauty of Yoga is that there is something for everyone because Yoga can help balance your body, energy, emotions and mind. The postures (aka: asanas) are one part of the science of Yoga that are very effective for balancing the body. In addition, there are more powerful techniques which take you much deeper into the real intention of Yoga – to expand your consciousness to experience something profound beyond the body and mind.

The tendency of the modern approach to Yoga is a form of exercise for developing the strength and flexibility of the physical body. We agree this is important, and we believe it is the necessary foundation for going deeper into the more powerful practices of breathing, energy work and meditation. These additional layers of Yoga beyond the physical asanas get to the true transformation of one’s entire being and help one experience an expanded state of consciousness that goes beyond the limitations of the body and mind. Our classes teach not only the physical postures, but also the deeper awareness of subtle energy, emotions and mind to help you discover the peace that is always within you.


If you are looking for Yoga teachings that go deeper than the physical approach to postures, and you are ready to explore and work with subtle energy through more powerful techniques such as: breathing, sublimation, internal locks, mudras, mantras and meditation, then we are the right instructors for you. We offer an authentic Yoga education that covers the science of Yoga including classes, workshops and retreats on philosophy, history, subtle bodies, chakras, purification practices, energy work, meditation and spiritual awakening.

“Qi” means “breath” or “air” and is considered the “life-force energy” that permeates everything in the Universe. (“Qi” is known as “prana” in Yoga.)  “Gong” means “cultivate” or “mastery”.  The essence of this practice is to cultivate and master your life-force energy to enjoy an enhanced state of health in your body, energy, emotions, mind and spirit through the use of postures, flowing movements, breathing patterns and meditation.

Qigong can be a perfect compliment to your Yoga practice while taking you deeper into the awareness and control of your subtle energy for relieving stress, boosting your immune system and improving your overall well-being and connection to the power of the present moment.

No prior experience with Qigong is necessary to participate and experience the wonderful feelings of calmness, increased energy and a relaxed, yet focused, mind.

  • You have several options to learn and practice Yoga and Qigong with us: 

Option 1: Subscribe to a 7-day FREE trial of the On-demand Yoga+Qigong Video Library here 

Option 2: Take an an online Workshop or Classes here 

Option 3: Book a private session with Jason or Dalia (Zoom or in-person)

You can cancel at any time. Just email us at: support@theapex.life and your membership will be terminated at the end of the current billing cycle.


Most people who practice Yoga focus only on the physical postures and miss out on the depth of all that Yoga can offer

At Apex Life, we help people learn and benefit from the many techniques of Yoga and Qigong, so they can be holistically healthy in body, energy, emotions, mind, and spirit

Most people’s lives are demanding. At Apex Life, we are life coaches that use holistic practices to help people find peace and clarity so they can reach their full potential.


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