Most frequent questions and answers
  1. The top or highest part of something.
  2. The highest point of achievement; a climax.
Similar:  tip, peak, summit, pinnacle, top, highest point/part, crest, vertex, fastigium
Opposite: bottom
  • APEX LIFE means to live to your full potential and peak performance by bringing health and balance to your body, energy, emotions, mind, spirit, relationships and life purpose.
  • APEX LIFE means to live FULLY ALIVE!
  • APEX LIFE provides tools, including video courses, workshops, retreats, trainings and individualized coaching programs. 
  • You can maximize your potential through physical practices, nutrition, breathing techniques, energy work, concentration techniques, meditation, mindfulness and mindset coaching. 
  • Our system also offers practices for amplifying and harnessing sexual energy for improved health, healing, creativity, energy, intimacy and spiritual evolution.
  • APEX LIFE will help you to balance your body, energy, emotions, mind and spirit to fulfil your potential and deepen your relationship with yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.
  • We have created a unique coaching method that utilizes and integrates a variety of tools and practices from modern science, psychology, yoga, qigong, breathwork, meditation, energy healing and more to balance the seven dimensions of your life: body, energy, emotions, mind, spirit, relationships and your life purpose.
  • Something else that makes us different is that you get to choose to work with either Dalia or Jason, or with both of us together (for the same investment), which provides a broader perspective from both masculine and feminine experiences. Ultimately, this gives you the opportunity to decide what you’re most comfortable with.
  • All you need to do is choose your program from the main menu at the top of the homepage.
  • It’s simple and easy to schedule and pay all online.
  • If you’d like to chat with us before you get started, we welcome it! 
  • You can book a free 20-minute intro call with us HERE.

Most people’s lives are demanding. At Apex Life, we are life coaches that use holistic practices to help people find peace and clarity so they can reach their full potential.