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Most people experience sex only for physical pleasure (if that)

But they are left unfulfilled and longing for more. If you are:

You are not alone. There is a path forward to find healing and deep fulfillment.

What Makes Us Different?

We recognize the vulnerability involved in seeking support for your sex life, whether it be for you individually or with a partner. That’s why we’ve intentionally brought together our extensive experience in Tantric and Taoist teachings, as well as life and couple's coaching, to create a safe and comfortable way for you to grow, heal and expand the most intimate component of your human experience.


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We offer a free introductory meeting to all new clients so we can get to know each other. After that, you simply schedule a single session or get the 12 week coaching package, and we get started helping you gain clarity and reach your goals. You can also study at your own pace one of our online programs below.


  • Unlimited access to the complete APEX TANTRA course
  • 66 on-demand lessons taught by Jason Milne
  • Over 18 hours of in-depth teachings on the science and practices of Tantric sexuality
  • Explanations of practices for men, women and couples
  • Bonus lessons on Yoga, Ayurveda, pranayama and meditation to enhance your learning process

The Art of Conscious Love - Volume 1

  • 12 hours of on-demand lessons about Tantric and Taoist approaches to sacred sexuality taught by Dalia & Jason
  • Practical exercises to put the lessons into action
  • Breathing techniques
  • Healing energy practices
  • Transformative meditations
  • Bonus lectures on Yoga, Ayurveda, pranayama and meditation to enhance your learning process
  • Homeplay: Every lesson includes a variety of practices for individuals and couples to explore to help support your growth


35 Per Month
  • Over 18 hours (66 videos) of lectures on Tantric sexuality for healing, balancing and transforming your body, energy, emotions, mind and relationships
  • Empower yourself to experience the most profound states of consciousness, alone and with a partner
  • Monthly additions to an extensive library of practices
  • Access to the complete APEX YOGA+QIGONG library of practices

APEX TANTRA : Philosophy & Science

  • 14 on-demand lessons about the metaphysics (spiritual meaning) of Tantra
  • 4 hours of teachings on the role of energy in your life and how to heal, transform and transcend the limitations of the physical body
  • Powerful tools to experience union in the ultimate state of unconditional love


  • 4 on-demand lessons on the skills necessary for sexual mastery
  • Techniques to separate orgasm from ejaculation and extend pleasure
  • Teachings on how to become a masterful lover
  • Practices to boost your health and step into your full power


  • 6 on-demand lessons on methods for healing and sexual mastery for women
  • Teachings on how to purify, balance and heal your body, energy, emotions and mind
  • Techniques for accessing your full femininity and increasing pleasure
  • Ways to fulfill your energetic and orgasmic potential
  • Methods for utilizing your own sexual energy for self-healing to remove past traumas and blockages in the body, energy, emotions and mind
  • Guidance on the importance of pelvic floor exercises for accessing your full femininity and enhancing sexual pleasure for you and your partner
  • *Note: The course is taught by Jason due to his extensive training and knowledge in Tantric teachings; You can have complete confidence in this content which is in full alignment with Dalia’s perspective on female sexuality.


  • Introduction to the techniques of Tantric sexuality
  • 37 on-demand lessons on how to create deep intimacy in your partnership
  • Over 8 hours of teachings on Tantric relationships
  • Methods for amplifying sexual energy for pleasure and healing
  • Guidance on how to use sexual energy for transformation and reaching the deepest states of unconditional love

On-Demand Video Library

35 Per Month
  • 66+ videos (over 18 hours) of on-demand classes, lessons and workshops on Tantric sexuality for healing, balancing and transforming your body, energy, emotions, mind and relationships
  • Empower yourself to experience the most profound states of consciousness, alone and with your partner
  • New lessons regularly added to the extensive library of classes, lessons and workshops
  • Access to the complete APEX YOGA on-demand video library of practices and teachings on Tantric Yoga


Tantra is an ancient, esoteric tradition of Hinduism and Buddhism that developed in India from the middle of the 1st millennium CE onwards. It is the life embracing science of teachings and practices for fulfilling your highest potential in body, energy, emotions, mind and spirit while expanding your consciousness on the path of unconditional love. The practices include: physical postures, breathwork, meditation, rituals, mantras (use of sound vibrations to connect with specific forms of energy) and yantras (geometrical patterns that represent specific forms of energy). There are many translations of the word “Tantra”, our focus is on the translation which signifies teachings and tools for the expansion of consciousness.

Tantra is a traditional lineage of teachings for expanding one’s consciousness through embodied practices that focus on balancing and empowering your body, energy, emotions and mind. Our approach to sexuality coaching integrates teachings from Tantric and Taoist sexuality with modern science and psychology for healing and transforming the experience of sex into a spiritual path of liberation and awakening.

No, there is no nudity or explicit sexual content in our programs.

Our primary focus is on the energetic and spiritual aspects of the Tantric approach of using sexual energy for transforming one’s entire being and life into a path of embracing unconditional love. We believe that these teachings and the tantric path are sacred and deep intimacy between individuals, in our opinion, is better shared in privacy.

Unfortunately, Tantra has developed a bad reputation in certain cases due to the abuse and misinterpretation of the original teachings by some teachers and groups. Tantra is a sacred path of experiencing union with the divine consciousness through embodied practices. It is not an excuse for licentiousness and promiscuity that often leads to extreme imbalances and personal degradation.

Our focus is using the intended teachings and practices of Tantra to tap into sexual energy as a means of healing and empowering individuals and couples to experience the fullness of life. We never push anyone’s boundaries or try to force participants into any practices that are out of their comfort zone.

Both courses focus on utilizing sexual energy for healing and transformation as part of a spiritual path of evolution and awakening. The main difference between the two courses is that “The Art of Conscious Love” course is taught by Dalia and Jason together in a webinar format, while the “APEX TANTRA” online courses are taught by Jason as live recordings from his in-person workshops.

If you are ready to experience a deeper connection with yourself and your sexuality, as well as explore more profound levels of intimacy with your partner, then these teachings can greatly benefit you.

Yes! Our teachings and practices are not gender specific and there are no exercises that were designed based on gender or sexual orientation. Our programs are guided by us (a heterosexual, monogomous, married couple) so we do use our personal examples in our teachings. However, when we speak of “masculine/feminine” we are referring to the polarity of energies that exist within each of us and does not necessarily translate to man/woman.

It is not your responsibility to convince anyone to grow with you. If your partner doesn’t want to join you in your learning process, you can definitely benefit from the teachings on your own. If your partner prefers to study by him or herself, then he/she can join our programs specifically designed for individuals.

All of our online courses are recorded, which allows all the lessons to be on-demand for you to learn and take at your own pace and according to your own schedule.

We also provide private in-person or Zoom coaching sessions for individuals and couples to support reaching their unique goals.

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There are no live calls for our online programs. Our courses consist of recorded video sessions with Dalia & Jason plus videos and audio recordings that guide you through the practices. You can design your own schedule, and we make some suggestions for how to do this at the start of the program. We offer live calls only for our coaching packages.

You have unlimited access to all of our programs, so you can enjoy studying and learning at your own pace according to your own schedule.

Yes, please send us an email at: and we can offer you instructions for alternative payment methods.

Our programs are unique and offer a special opportunity for growth and healing. It takes time to really absorb the information we provide. All our offerings are described in detail on our website and should be carefully read prior to purchase. However, if you feel that the program you purchased is not right for you, you can email us for a refund anytime within 7 days.

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The 5 Most Common Misconceptions about Tantra

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Tantric sexuality practices have been around for thousands of years. Unfortunately, like many ancient philosophies and teachings, the core techniques have been warped or taught improperly by some over the years – giving Tantra a bad reputation in some circles. We’re here to teach you the truth about Tantra, which is not a cult or weird religious practice, but rather an invaluable tool to add to your life and romantic relationships to make them more fulfilling.

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