Meet our coaches

Education & Certifications

With a combined 40+ years of experience in holistic wellness practices and coaching, we're dedicated to what we do in order to serve you best.

Jason Milne

is an internationally renowned coach certified by ICF and teacher with more than 20 years of experience guiding people to enjoy peak performance in all areas of life. He has extensive knowledge in the fields of health & wellness, energy work and healing, human psychology, relationships, sexuality and spirituality. 

Jason’s ability to simplify complex issues with intuitive wisdom, humour and balanced sensitivity provides a safe space for his students and clients to go deeper into self-empowerment for realisation of the best versions of themselves.

Jason is a teacher of teachers in the fields of yoga, breathwork, meditation, sexuality and relationships.

He has a Master of Education degree, as well as various diplomas and credentials in numerous aspects of the health and wellness industry. 

Currently, Jason is based in Zürich, sharing his experience and knowledge together with his wife, Dalia Milne, in various workshops, immersions, teacher training courses and private counselling sessions.

Dalia Milne

is a published author, teacher, artist, yogini, business woman, wife and devoted mother.

She employs a unique artistic approach that utilizes her deep knowledge of relationships and human psychology to guide her clients and students to discover self-healing and fulfilment in all areas of their lives.

Dalia has completed several teaching and coaching programs, including a Master of Education degree, and has been teaching internationally since 1995. 

Currently, she is sharing her experience and wisdom in various workshops, immersions and private counselling sessions together with her husband, Jason Milne, all around the world.

Dalia holds the RYT- 200 Certification with the Yoga Alliance and she has completed several teaching and coaching certifications in the fields of Psychology, NLP and Life Coaching. She also earned a Master of Education degree from Dnepr State University in Ukraine, and has been teaching internationally since 2000.

Dalia’s more than two decades of experience in the business world has given her comprehensive insight into the mindset and stressors of corporate life, which she now successfully addresses in her stress management and coaching programs.

Life at the Apex

Live to your full potential and peak performance

Balance your body, energy, emotions, mind and spirit to fulfil your potential and deepen your relationship with yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.

APEX LIFE provides tools, including video courses, workshops, retreats, trainings and individualized coaching programs. You can maximize your potential through physical practices, nutrition, breathing techniques, energy work, concentration techniques, meditation, mindfulness and mindset coaching. Our system also offers practices for amplifying and harnessing sexual energy for improved health / healing / creativity / energy / intimacy.

Most people’s lives are demanding. At Apex Life, we are life coaches that use holistic practices to help people find peace and clarity so they can reach their full potential.