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“The Art of Conscious Love With Dalia & Jason Milne”—Volume 1

We are honoured to present a unique “The Art of Conscious Love” course. It is designed to guide you to tap into your most powerful creative force—your sexual energy—for healing, awakening and experiencing profound levels of intimacy with yourself and your partner. Learn more here.

Access to 4 classes:

Day 1

In our first session we will lay the foundation for the understanding of the energetic aspect, including solo-practices, necessary for any individual to embark upon the path of Conscious Love.

Day 2

In our second session we will explore the sexual nature of women and the importance of a variety of orgasms as a fountain of youth and source of energy that is purifying, healing, balancing, rejuvenating and empowering.

Day 3

In our third session we will explore what it means to be a conscious being and how the Art of Conscious Love is a path of healing. We will also discuss the sexual nature of men and the importance of mastering their sexual energy to become superior lovers. Men will learn the benefits of separating orgasms from ejaculation for prolonging sexual pleasure of both men and women.

Day 4

In our fourth session we will explore the many benefits of oral loving and go deeper into the experience of conscious lovemaking. The conclusion of the course ties it all together with a guide to creating love making rituals for experiencing healing, profound levels of intimacy, ecstatic pleasure and higher states of consciousness.


"The Art of Conscious Love"—Volume 1: Day 1

"The Art of Conscious Love"—Volume 1: Day 2

"The Art of Conscious Love"—Volume 1: Day 3

"The Art of Conscious Love"—Volume 1: Day 4