Live Fully Alive

We are life coaches who use holistic practices to help people reach their full potential

Trust Yourself

Find Balance


Achieve Goals

The demands of life should not steal your peace

Without sustainable, healthy practices to help you stay clear-headed and grounded when life wears you down…

You’ll be Stressed & Frustrated

You’ll Settle and Not Achieve Your Goals

Your Physical Health will Decline

You’ll Feel Stuck & Unsure What to Do

Your Relationship Will be Strained (or Break)

You’ll Burn Out Trying to Keep Up

But this doesn’t have to be your reality

Get the support and tools you need to walk through life with balance and confidence, no matter the season or circumstances.


I feel more centered, grounded, calmer. What I found most helpful is Jason & Dalia's ability to really see me. Working with them helped me value what I do and who I am. I am beyond grateful for this miracle couple in my life.

Martina, Life Coaching Client

Why You Should Invest in Yourself

We understand with the pressures of life it’s easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed because you’re not becoming the person you want to be. But before you know it, life will pass you by so don't wait around — take action now.

It’s Time to Prioritize YOU!


Choose Your Course

There are a variety of ways we can help. Simply select the service(s) that best suit your needs. Aren't sure? Just ask.


Follow The Steps

We make it simple and easy to get started. After choosing your path, follow the next steps: book a call, buy an online course, etc.


Become Your Best Self

Invest in yourself and reach your full potential. You deserve to live a life that is fully embodied and deeply meaningful.

Choose Your Path to Living Fully Alive

Whether you want to clarify and achieve personal goals, improve your relationship with your partner, bring wellness into your workplace, or learn and develop practices to find strength and solace – we can help.

Life Coaching

For individuals who want to clarify their life goals and take action to reach them – especially those who feel they're functioning at a high level but are stuck and want to move forward.

Couples Coaching

For couples who want to be in harmony together and deepen their intimacy but are feeling out of sync or even like there is a wedge in their relationship.

Sexuality Coaching (Men)

For men who want to experience greater sexual pleasure and fulfillment while keeping their partners satisfied – particularly those struggling with ED and PE. (Support for women coming soon)


For individuals or couples who want to deepen their experience of sexuality for healing, profound intimacy and spiritual growth.

Yoga & Qigong

For individuals who want to experience the depth and fullness of yoga beyond physical postures — to be healthy in body, mind & spirit.

Corporate Wellness

For businesses who want to care for employees' health and well-being by providing a quality wellness program.

Why People Just Like You Opt for APEX LIFE

⇒ Improved quality of life

⇒ Reduced stress

⇒ Therapeutic self-care

⇒ Improved physical fitness

⇒ More energy & motivation

⇒ Spiritual growth

⇒ Gain clarity with goals

⇒ Increased confidence

⇒ Take back control of life

⇒ Deeper relationships

⇒ More in tune with self

⇒ Manifest dreams into reality

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Self-Care Can Be Easy

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Life is demanding and can wear us down day in and day out. But there are some simple techniques you can incorporate into your every day life that don't take a big commitment of time and can truly transform how you go about your day so you're less stressed and can even think more clearly. Watch this free video so you can learn practical ways self-care can be easy.

Education & Certifications

With a combined 40+ years of experience in holistic wellness practices and coaching, we're dedicated to what we do in order to serve you best.

Ready to become the person you truly want to be?

Most people’s lives are demanding. At Apex Life, we are life coaches that use holistic practices to help people find peace and clarity so they can reach their full potential.