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Heal Through
Conscious Sexuality

6 video lectures taught by Jason Milne

over 2 hours of teachings

Unlimited access

“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

— Anaïs Nin

This part of the APEX TANTRA course discusses the energetic and orgasmic potential of women that is often not experienced to its fullest capacity.

Learn to utilise your own sexual energy and self-healing practices to remove past traumas and blockages in the body, energy, emotions and mind. Understanding the importance of pelvic floor exercises will enable you to access your full femininity and enhance sexual pleasure for you and your partner. 

This is a presentation of the various forms of orgasm that a woman can experience through the practice of Tantric lovemaking to purify, balance and heal the body, energy, emotions and mind while leading her into an altered state of consciousness. Duration: 28m.11s

An introduction to the various forms of orgasm a woman can experience to heal and energize herself and transform her consciousness. Duration: 41m.18s

The path of Tantra enables women to experience a variety of orgasms that are healing for the body, energy, emotions and mind while profoundly altering and expanding the woman’s state of consciousness. Duration: 35m.8s

Women can remove blockages, heal and empower themselves to experience consciousness changing orgasms through pelvic floor training and yoni egg practices. Duration: 2m.8s

Training the pelvic floor is essential for optimal health and mind-blowing orgasms that literally transform a woman’s level of consciousness. Learn practices that can help women experience the deepest levels of their femininity. Duration: 13m.6s

Yoni massage is a healing modality that can help to remove physical, energetic and emotional blockages, thus allowing a woman to experience an enhanced sense of well-being and deeper, more powerful orgasms. Duration: 5m.12s