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37 video lectures taught by Jason Milne

Duration: 8 hours

Unlimited access

“So I will always lean my heart as close to your soul as I can.”


In this part of the APEX TANTRA course couples learn to use sexual energy as the most powerful creative force for healing, transformation and reaching the deepest states of unconditional love. When a relationship is approached consciously by both partners, together they can access a level of union they have never experienced before. Working with subtle energies, couples learn how to take lovemaking to a whole new level of pleasure and connection.

Explore the Tantric approach to sacred sexuality as a path of purification, healing and awakening your highest potential through the cultivation of a deeply intimate relationship with yourself, your partner and the world around you. Learn how to tap into the most powerful creative force, your sexual energy, for stepping into your full power to create the relationship, and life, you have always wanted. These teachings empower you to take control of your evolution and realize your true nature.  

The orgasmic states available to those who enjoy the art of conscious lovemaking open the door to experiencing a profound transformation of consciousness on the path of evolution. Tapping into the ecstatic bliss of orgasm is a divinely pleasurable way to dissolve into loving union with your partner and the universe.

Sacred lovemaking enables partners to go deeper into healing, transformation and awakening through the practices that connect them in profound ways.

Try these simple practices to perceive and feel energy so that you can go deeper into the transformational teachings of Tantra that focus on healing, balancing and amplifying energy to reach the highest levels of health and profound states of consciousness.

Harness your sexual energy in order to circulate it through your system to purify, balance and heal your body, energy, emotions and mind while guiding yourself into higher states of consciousness.

To step into your full power it is necessary to do some practice every day. Here you learn how and why sexual energy can be used to heal and balance your body, energy, emotions and mind. Solo practice prepares women and men for experiences with a partner that deepen the level of intimacy between partners and create transcendental states of consciousness.

The practices and techniques of Tantra empower you to heal and balance your physical body, energy, emotions and mind by releasing blockages at all the levels of your being while deepening the level of intimacy you experience with yourself and the world around you.

The Tantric practices can remove blockages at the physical, energetic, emotional and mental levels. With correct understanding, the Tantric path is a path of healing.

Tantric lovemaking gives you the ability to balance and heal your body, energy, emotions and mind. Find out how you can bring this healing into your life through the teachings of Tantric sacred sexuality.

Sacred relationships can heal the physical, energetic, emotional and mental blockages and guide us deeper into our spiritual paths.

We are all born with the ability to be healers. Your touch can be a deeply intimate way to send the healing energy of love into anyone in your life.

Touch is a beautiful way to transmit healing energy and love to anyone in our lives. This video introduces different modalities of touch to help you create deeper connections with others.

The genitals have reflexology points that correspond to the different organs of the body, just as the hands, feet and ears. Making love with this understanding can be enjoyed as a profound healing modality.

It is easy to learn breathing techniques that can be incorporated into lovemaking to enhance the connection and level of intimacy between partners. Dancing with the breath amplifies the balancing, healing and transformational power of sexual energy while facilitating deep states of mediation together with your partner.

Breath is life and breath is a fundamental tool for healing, energizing and enhancing our connection with ourselves and our partner. Learn how you can utilize simple breathing techniques to bring deeper levels of intimacy into your life.

This easy-to-learn practice guides you to purify, balance and energize the chakras (energy centers) of your being. Opening these centers allows you to access your full power for a higher quality of life.

This powerful practice of breathing through the chakras helps you to purify, balance and energize the energy centers (chakras) that govern everything in the human experience. Now you can experience harmony in your body, energy, emotions and mind.

Learn how you can use the internal locks, called Bandhas, of yoga during lovemaking to circulate energy through the human system to purify and balance the body, energy, emotions and mind, thereby allowing you to experience heightened states of ecstatic bliss and expanded states of meditation.

Practice the root lock to ground your energy, charge your battery, calm your emotions and mind while expanding your sexual vitality and orgasmic potential.

Incorporating the abdominal lock, “Uddiyana Bandha,” into lovemaking radically enhances the experience by powerfully moving the sexual energy up to open the heart and expand the mind to enter into deep states of meditative bliss.

Circulating your sexual energy through the microcosmic orbit in your body nourishes your entire system and guides you into deep states of meditative absorption.

Explore the techniques of Tantric sexuality to bring your lovemaking to a profound level of intimacy and a path of spiritual awakening.

Tantric sexuality enriches our lives with practices and techniques that take our intimacy and lovemaking to higher and higher levels. Here you can learn tools that will deepen your connection to your partner while enhancing the pleasure you both experience together.

Explore the deeper benefits of oral sex from the energetic perspective of the Tantric teachings which guide you to experience holistic transformation and spiritual evolution.

Oral sex can be a profound experience that balances our energy and activates higher levels of consciousness, not to mention how good it feels to give and receive.

Dancing with the energy that is created and expanded during oral loving brings healing to the body, emotions and minds of both partners. This deeper understanding of oral loving empowers you to bring yourself and your partner into balance and harmony.

Tantric lovemaking can be a a profoundly blissful meditation that transforms your relationship into something divine and empowers you to integrate your sexuality into your spiritual path. You can have it all.

Sexual energy is our most powerful creative force and it can be used to manifest the life of your dreams.

Tantric lovemaking can be a powerful tool for manifesting spiritual and material abundance in your life. You have the tools to be a highly effective creator of your reality.

Enjoying lovemaking rituals transforms your sexual experience into a conscious meditation that unites you and your partner physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

A lovemaking ritual is a wonderfully fun and easy way to deepen your connection with your partner. Here you learn the steps for creating an experience that transforms sex into a meditative dance of love.

Ritual lovemaking guides us from the mundane to the experience of sacred sexuality. Learn how you can experience lovemaking as a transformative meditation that guides you and your partner to the deepest levels of intimacy.

This powerful Tantric ritual guides you to open the energy centers of your being to enhance the depth of intimacy you share with your partner and guide you into higher states of consciousness.

The way a couple ends a lovemaking session can deepen their connection, as well as balance their energies, emotions and minds while guiding them into a meditative state of consciousness.

Nature provides us with herbs that profoundly enhance our sexual energy and sexual performance. Find out ways that herbs can transform your sexual vitality, libido and pleasure during lovemaking.

A conscious lifestyle is a holistic approach to fulfilling your highest potential. Incorporate simple practices into your daily life to step into your full power.