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Sweet February

Go deeper than pleasure

The Art Of Conscious Love

with Dalia & Jason Milne: Volume 1

Tap into your most powerful creative force—your sexual energy—for healing, awakening and experiencing profound levels of intimacy

“The Art of Conscious Love” Volume 1 online course is right for you if:

Join us for all 4 in-depth sessions or

for selected classes of your choice via Zoom

participate live on Saturday evenings or

watch the recorded versions at any time

Free Introductory class

Participate alone or with a partner

from the comfort of your own home


Volume 1 consists of a FREE introductory webinar and four in-depth, weekly sessions, including:

  • Lectures 
  • Practical exercises to exemplify the lectures
  • Breathing techniques
  • Healing energy practices 
  • Transformative meditations
  • Homework-Homeplay: Every session includes a variety of practices for individuals and couples to be explored during the workshop as well as in the comfort of your own home between the sessions.
  • This course is committed to the highest standards regarding language, communication and interpersonal interactions.
  • You can attend the full course OR purchase your spot at selected lectures of your choice. 
  • Participate live OR watch the recorded version at any convenient time.   
  • There is NO NUDITY.
  • NO explicit sexual presentations.


In this introduction we discuss the philosophy, practices and curriculum of the “Art of Conscious Love” online series. You will learn how to apply practical tools for healing, empowering and transforming individuals and couples. 

Topics presented:
  1. What is “The Art of Conscious Love”?
  2. Polarity of Energy 
  3. Five bodies 
  4. Energy system
  5. Sublimation of Sexual Energy
  6. Internal Locks
  7. Benefits of orgasms
  8. Healing of body, energy, emotions and mind
  9. Lovemaking as meditation and spiritual path
  10. Higher states of consciousness 
  11. Unconditional love
  12. Curriculum of Volume 1, 2, 3


In our first session we will lay the foundation for the understanding of the energetic aspect, including solo-practices, necessary for any individual to embark upon the path of Conscious Love.

Topics to be explored:

  1. Metaphysics of Conscious Love
  2. Polarity of Energy
  3. Five bodies (in detail)
  4. Energy system (in detail)
  5. Sublimation of Sexual Energy
  6. Internal Locks (in detail)
  7. Homeplay / Homework
  8. Q&A


In our second session we will explore what it means to be a “conscious woman”. Also, we will discuss the nature of female sexuality, including the benefits and tools to experience a variety of orgasms as a fountain of youth. Orgasms are a source of energy that is purifying, healing, balancing, rejuvenating and empowering.

Topics to be explored:

  1. What it means to be a “Conscious Woman”
  2. Power of Orgasms
  3. Pleasure Responsibility
  4. Female Sexual Anatomy
  5. Variety of Female Orgasms
  6. Amrita – Nectar of Immortality
  7. The Importance of Pelvic Floor Training
  8. Benefits of Yoni Massage
  9. Yoni Egg
  10. Conscious Menstruation
  11. Solo Practices
  12. Homeplay
  13. Q&A


In our third session we will explore what it means to be a “conscious man”. We will discuss the sexual nature of men and the importance of mastering their sexual energy to become superior lovers. Men will learn the benefits of separating orgasms from ejaculation for prolonging sexual pleasure of both men and women. Solo practices for both men and women will be introduced.

Topics to be explored:

  1. Conscious Man 
  2. Male Sexual Anatomy
  3. Male Orgasms
  4. Solo Practices
  5. Homeplay
  6. Q&A


In our fourth session we will explore what it means to be in a conscious relationship and go deeper into the experience of conscious lovemaking. The conclusion of the course ties it all together with a guide to creating love making rituals for experiencing healing, profound levels of intimacy, ecstatic pleasure and higher states of consciousness.

Topics to be explored:

  1. Conscious Relationship
  2. Healing with Love
  3. Sexual Reflexology
  4. The Art of Oral Loving
  5. The Art of Making Love  
  6. The Art of Ritual
  7. Homeplay
  8. Q&A  


MEET THE Speakers

Jason Milne

Jason has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years and teaching for more than 18 years. He has been a manager/lead teacher of over 25 (200h, 300h & 500h) yoga teacher training courses internationally. In 2012, Jason founded, led and taught at the Ananda Yoga Sanctuary, a non-profit, free yoga school for the local community on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

Before becoming a yoga teacher, he earned a Master of Education degree and was a secondary school teacher in the USA for five years. 

Currently he is based in Zürich, sharing his experience and knowledge together with his wife Dalia Milne in various workshops, immersions and private coaching sessions.

Dalia Milne

Dalia has been passionately studying and practicing Tantric and Taoist sacred sexuality for more than a decade. She completed several teaching programs, including a Master of Education degree and has been teaching internationally since 1995.

Dalia is also a certified yoga teacher, published author, artist, wife and devoted mother.

Currently she is sharing her experience and knowledge in various workshops, immersions and private coaching sessions together with her husband, world-renowned Tantra yoga master, Jason Milne all around the world.


What can be expected from this course? Jason and Dalia answer some of the frequently asked questions in the video below.

More info

  • A spiritual and personal growth system based on psychology, science, Yogic, Tantric and Taoist principles
  • Teaching Self-love to evolve into truly profound levels of intimacy with another
  • Encouraging you to live fully in the present moment
  • Guiding you to tune into the wisdom of your body
  • The beauty of this course is that it addresses all the levels of your being.  The techniques that will be shared in this workshop empower you to heal, purify, balance and evolve every aspect of yourself.
  • This course is open to both singles and couples.
  • It is open to anyone with a genuine aspiration for healing, growth, evolution and awakening to their true nature and highest potential. 
  • Anyone who wishes to have a healthy relationship with their own body and their own sexuality.
  • This course is for those who would like to experience freedom from suffering and for those who wish to explore the deeper dimensions of sexuality.
  • All ages above 18 and all sexual preferences are welcome, as this teaching is all-inclusive
  • For those who want to understand sexual pleasure and intimacy as a path of evolution.

VOLUME 1 is about: Purifying | Healing | Balancing

  • We will explore what it means to be a conscious man, or a conscious woman, and how to create conscious relationships. 
  • We will be learning to perceive, amplify and direct the transformational, creative force of sexual energy to consciously remove blockages for healing and creating the opportunity to open your mind and heart.
  • This course guides you to evolve into a mature and masterful lover who doesn’t only experience physical pleasure but also consciously uses sexual energy for healing, empowering and manifesting.

VOLUME 2 is about: Energy work | Communication | Deeper practices

In Volume 2 we go deeper into the energy practices and communication between partners. We highlight the power of ritual for accessing and experiencing profound levels of intimacy and expanded states of consciousness.

VOLUME 3 is about: Ritual | Meditation | Manifestation

In Volume 3 we explore lovemaking as meditation and prayer for reaching the highest possible human expression of Love between intimate partners that allows you to manifest your reality consciously. This course is for those who aspire to evolve beyond limited ego-based relationships into the depths of transcendental Love as a spiritual path of Divine Union.


“The Art of Conscious Love” workshop was extremely enjoyable for many reasons. Jason and Dalia are experts in yoga, conscious sexuality and more; their teaching style is clear and generally outstanding; their personality is down to earth & fun; their willingness to pace and flow with the students is exceptional; and their offering to always help is exemplary. They naturally create a cohesive and loving connection with each student, and they also create an environment where the students create a strong bond and trust among themselves. Having taken (too) many workshops before, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I got out of it and how much I enjoyed it. I highly recommend their teachings and workshops. They are an inspiration!

– William, NYC, USA


I found “The Art of Conscious Love” workshop to be more powerful and more impactful than I could have ever imagined.  I attended, hoping to learn more about ‘couple energy’ and maybe pick-up some new practices and techniques to optimize that energy in the bedroom.  Instead, this course provided inspiration and a virtual blueprint for an expanded life. The curriculum is thorough and covers key principles and practices of tantric and taoist arts, delivered in a fun, down-to-earth, and entertaining way.  His Eastern monastic study combined with years of real-world practice render Jason a guru and true subject matter expert.  He speaks from his heart with clarity, authority and conviction.

– Marta, Amsterdam, Holland


What I found most fascinating was how effectively Jason puts tantric principles into the larger context of a modern life.  Jason’s evolved and expanded life perspective is refreshing and inspiring. He shares his proven techniques with his students like cherished gifts – each having the promise to transform your life in a most positive and significant way.

– Bill, Zürich, Switzerland


As a result of attending “The Art of Conscious Love” course, I no longer see sex as a means to achieving greater intimacy with my partner, but rather as a vehicle to gain a greater connection with self, with the universe and to facilitate a more exceptional, expansive, and energy-focused life.  This workshop is a life-changer!

– Johann, Stockholm, Sweden

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