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A look inside:
Metaphysics of Tantra

Learn what the Tantric science teaches us about that which is beyond the physical realm of ourselves and the universe.

14 video lectures taught by Jason Milne

4 hours of teachings

Unlimited access


This part of the APEX TANTRA course introduces the metaphysics of the science of Tantra. 

Explore the in-depth teachings on the role of energy in our lives and how to heal, transform and transcend the limitations of the physical body. Discover powerful tools, such as sublimation, to experience union in the ultimate state of unconditional love.

An introduction to the metaphysical understanding of the science of Tantra Yoga that teaches that everything in the universe is a dance between the two polarities of energy, the masculine and feminine, that exist at every level.

Duration: 10m.41s.

Tantra Yoga Fundamental Principles: micro/macrocosm, the law of resonance, koshas, transcending the mind by JASON MILNE (Sexuality Educator, Yoga Teacher and Healer) is an easy to understand introduction to some of the fundamental principles of Tantra Yoga.

Duration: 25m.52s.

Everything in the universe is made of energy. Tantra teaches us how to use the power of the attraction between the opposite poles of energy, the masculine and the feminine, to experience profound levels of intimacy.

Duration: 4m.22s.

Everything that exists is a form of energy. Conscious lovemaking teaches us how to use our sexual energy to fulfil our highest potential.

Duration: 1m.11s.

An introduction to the system of energy centers that govern everything in our human experience.

Duration: 8m.

An introduction the understanding of the energy centers, known as chakras, and the practices of sublimation to move energy up through the chakra system to heal and empower yourself to fulfil your highest potential.

Duration: 11m.32s.

An introduction to the chakra system and how to use the practices of moving energy up through the energy centers, known as “sublimation,” to purify, balance and energize the chakras to heal and experience higher states of consciousness.

Duration: 15m.09s.

A complete workshop on chakras by Jason Milne.

Duration: 1h.22m.28s.

Learn about moving energy up through the energy channels and energy centers to purify, balance and open ourselves to higher states of consciousness.

Duration: 5m.48s.

Learn why the bandhas, internal locks of yoga, are powerful tools for changing your state of emotions and mind and for enhancing your lovemaking experience.

Duration: 3m.43s.

A basic introduction to the chakra system and the meaning of Kundalini energy.

Duration: 47m.01s.

An introduction that demystifies the understanding of the powerful energy we all have within ourselves.

Duration: 5m.47s.

Opening your heart though Conscious Lovemaking literally transforms your consciousness, which changes your experience of your reality. These teachings empower you to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Duration: 5m.12s.

Being present is the key to stepping into our full power.

Duration: 2m.3s.