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In this part of the course Jason introduces the key concepts and the main philosophy of Conscious Love from the tantric perspective. 

These teachings take you beyond the limited neo-tantra focus on sexual pleasure and guides you in the deeper dimension of energy, subtle bodies and evolution of consciousness to experience a truly divine union.

5 video lectures taught by Jason Milne

2 hours of teachings

Unlimited access


The first part of the APEX TANTRA series of videos introduces the concept of the tantric path, defines Love and explores awakening through intimacy. Get unlimited access to 5 lectures, which set the foundation for advancing further into the course. 

The Tantric path is about healing, balancing and transforming your body, energy, emotions and mind to empower you to experience the most profound state of consciousness, alone and with a partner. Understanding that relationships are a vehicle for your process of awakening to your divinity allows you to utilize every aspect of your life as a tool for Self-realization.

Duration: 67m.1s

The path of Tantra Yoga is a path of healing and opening our minds and hearts to experience the highest state of unconditional love for ourselves and the world around us. These teachings empower us to heal and balance every level of our being so that we can live healthy, happy lives with profound connections to the people who we share our lives with.

Duration: 13m.13s

The Tantric path is a path of self-mastery. These teachings are an instruction manual for stepping into your full power. The key is learning the practices and applying them to your life each day to take charge of your health and evolution.

Duration: 9m.49s

Only through experiencing self-love can we really love others. The science of yoga can help us to go inside of ourselves and discover the love that is our essence.

Duration: 4m.58s

Learn how the path of Tantric sexuality is a path of healing, empowering and transforming your consciousness to experience the ultimate freedom.

Duration: 21m.39s