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The path of Tantric Love is about healing, balancing and transforming your body, energy, emotions and mind to empower you to experience the most profound state of consciousness alone and with a partner. Learn how the path of Tantric intimacy is a journey of healing, empowering and transforming your consciousness to experience the ultimate freedom.


The Tantric Love Introduction  elucidates the key concepts and the main philosophy of the Art of Conscious Love from the tantric perspective.

This course takes you beyond the limited neo-tantra focus on pleasure and guides you in the deeper dimension of energy, subtle bodies and evolution of consciousness to experience a truly divine union.


This section of the course introduces the metaphysics of the science of Tantra. 

Explore the in-depth teachings on the role of energy in our lives and how to heal, transform and transcend the limitations of the physical body. Discover powerful tools, such as sublimation, to experience union in the ultimate state of unconditional love.


The Tantric Woman section of this course discusses the energetic and orgasmic potential of women that is often not experienced to its fullest capacity. Learn to utilise your own creative energy and self-healing practices to remove past traumas and blockages in the body, energy, emotions and mind. Understanding the importance of pelvic floor exercises will enable you to access your full femininity and enhance pleasure for you and your partner. 


The Tantric Man section of this course teaches men how to master their energy for increased health, longevity, creativity and intimate performance. 

Do you want to be a superior lover?  Learn simple techniques to extend the pleasure of intimacy and separate orgasm from ejaculation to experience multiple, full-body orgasms.   

Enjoy an intimate relationship as a tool of evolution and step into your full power.


Are you willing to go beyond the conventional ideas about communication and intimacy?

In this part of the course couples learn to use creative energy as the most powerful creative force for healing, transformation and reaching the deepest states of unconditional love. When a relationship is approached consciously by both partners, together they can access a level of union they have never experienced before. Working with subtle energies, couples learn how to take lovemaking to a whole new level of pleasure and connection.