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The path of Tantric Love is about healing, balancing and transforming your body, energy, emotions and mind to empower you to experience the most profound state of consciousness alone and with a partner. Learn how the path of Tantric sexuality is a journey of healing, empowering and transforming your consciousness to experience the ultimate freedom.

The bundle includes access to all online APEX TANTRA courses featuring in-depth teachings on the science of Tantra as well as exercises to practice with a partner for men and women and bonus lectures to enhance your learning process. 



SAVE €100 and get 4 bonus lectures

66 video lectures

Duration: over 18 hours

Unlimited access

BONUS: unlimited access to additional lectures to enhance your practice

An introduction to the science of long living and healthy life—the physical aspect of our being. 

An introduction to the practice and benefits of the conscious breathing exercises of the science of Yoga that also prepare us for the deep experience of meditation.

A brief introduction to the science of Yoga and an explanation of the reasons why it is so beneficial to integrate the practices into our modern lives.

A guided meditation that helps open the energy channel in the spine, calm the mind and rest in the heart space.